The market supports Metamask, here is a small guide on how to connect your Metamask wallet to the market.

Go to your wallets overview
Press the button 'Connect Metamask'
When Metamask is successfully connected a new wallet will appear in the overview.

Connect Metamask to your Arkane Market account


Can I use my Metamask wallet to buy NFTs?
No, coupled wallets like Metamask can only be used to sell NFTs. Note that you will need some gas (MATIC or BNB depending on which chain you are operating) to allow the wallet to transfer the NFT into Venly's custody which requires a transaction.

Can I transfer my NFT from my Venly wallet to my Metamask wallet?
Yes, visit and go to your inventory. Once you enlarge your NFT, there will be a transfer button.

If I used my Metamask wallet to sell an NFT, will this NFT be stored in my Metamask?
No, NFTs will always be stored in the primary Venly wallet of the blockchain that your NFT lives on (e.g. Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, ...)

If I sell an NFT with my Metamask account, will the proceeds go to my Metamask account?
No, they will always be returned to your Venly account balance. From there you can freely (and costlessly) withdraw the USDC to any ethereum wallet of your choosing
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