On our marketplace NFTs can be bought or sold on different blockchains including Matic (Polygon) and Binance Smart Chain.

At this moment users can only transact (buy or sell NFTs) using USDC on Ethereum (ERC20). More information about USDC can be found via their official website https://www.circle.com/en/usdc. Once the funds are deposited via Ethereum, users can freely buy or sell NFTs on any blockchain.

To withdraw or transfer USDC to another account follow these steps

Go to your balance
Press Withdraw
Fill in the USDC (ERC20 - on the Ethereum Network) Address where you want to withdraw your funds to

! Note: Make sure the receiving wallet is an Ethereum compatible one and it will provide you access to your USDC. Sending your USDC to another address can result in the loss of your funds.

! Note: We are aware that the gas fees on Ethereum are very high which results in high fees for depositing and withdrawing USDC. Our team is currently looking into additional payment options

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